DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase Insert
DreamSkin moisturizes without feminine creams or chemicals. It’s designed to visibly reduce sleep lines and wrinkles while you sleep. More men are using skin care products and becoming conscious about looking their best. It’s necessary for a competitive edge at work, feeling more confident and for overall healthy looking skin.

Taking good care of your skin is attractive and sexy and hydration is the essential ingredient to a man’s happy face. Get younger looking skin the natural and EASY way, just change your pillowcase.

Men love the incredible softness of the DreamSkin pillowcase. Moisturize like a man, sleep in comfort and wake up looking great. Order Now!

Beauty Fairy Pillowcase DreamSkin Beauty Pillowcase Insert
Drift off to sleep in luxurious comfort and let your Beauty Fairy do the work. Women of color have naturally dry hair and it should be moisturized regularly. Water based moisturizers are most effective for penetrating the hair shaft and keeping hair healthy. Black skin types require less emollients and need water based moisturizers that hydrate without leaving greasy residue that clogs pores. Even if you have oily skin it’s important to moisturize daily so your skin is well nourished and does not look ashy.

The Beauty Fairy (JuveTex Fabric) is a water based moisturizer because specific yarns in the proprietary design are hydrophobic. The amount of water passing through the skin and hair is critical since too much water will macerate the skin and too little will leave the skin and hair dry. The scientific formulation is that each yarn is a specifically formulated weight and type to provide the exact amount of water proof surface to reduce water loss.

The Beauty Fairy provides the proper moisture balance for skin and retains moisture in your hair all night long. Your beauty rest is vital. Always sleep with your Beauty Fairy. Buy Now!