Is the Best Pillowcase to Prevent Wrinkles Silk or Satin?

  • Posted on October 15, 2013 at 10:25 pm
Antiaging pillowcase will prevent wrinkles without messy creams I remember growing up in the 60’s in a brightly decorated house with kooky orange and pink daisy wallpaper and matching shag carpet. Mom would wake up every morning and brew Dad’s coffee in a blue flowered Corning ware pot. The swingin’ 60’s was a totally innovative era and my mother was definitely a groovy fashionista. Every night she slathered her face with dime store Ponds cream and slept on a satin pillowcase to preserve her glamorous Bouffant hair. Holy Hairdo! She swore that both the satin pillowcase and the Aqua Net hairspray kept her hair looking fresh and perfectly coifed.

Fast forward to the 21st Century. New, groundbreaking ideas are utilizing technologies in powerful new ways. We all crave for products that are better, improved and technologically advanced. Skin care products have changed and evolved drastically over the years. 50 is the new 30 and now it’s not just a dream, but possible to achieve it, and look much younger than our real age.

Some women sleep on satin and silk pillowcases and claim that they keep their skin wrinkle free. I have been researching this subject, but to date, have not found any clinical studies, just word of mouth or as seen on TV testimonials. An additional problem with these fabrics is the poor quality. After about a half a dozen washings these Made in China, wafer thin fabrics deteriorate and fall apart. Women have claimed these types of pillowcases make them feel hot, and are not comfortable, especially for women with hot flashes.

But the future of skin care is here now, science, rejuvenation and a fabric that moisturizes your skin. The updated holy grail of pillowcases and the best new product and fabric is the DreamSkin Anti-Aging Beauty Pillowcase ( constructed with physician formulated JuveTex rejuvenating fabric. Founded on medical science, the DreamSkin pillowcase is redefining skin care and is a true cosmetic moisturizer. JuveTex, Made in the USA, is a proprietary weave pattern and blend of natural cellulosic fibers and synthetic microfibers. It is uniquely constructed to channel moisture away from the skin’s surface via hydrophobic transport layer to the soft absorbent backing layer where it then evaporates.

Extremely luxurious and durable, the pillowcase is a desirable “green” product and safe for sensitive skin since there are no chemicals, creams or dyes in the fabric. In a clinical study comparing JuveTex to cotton, the DreamSkin Pillowcase retained more water than cotton and it prevents moisture from going through the fiber. Cotton, satin and silk pillowcases actually draw more moisture from your skin than the DreamSkin pillowcase, leaving it dry, therefore causing sleep lines. Sleep lines generally turn into permanent facial wrinkles. Another benefit is that the pillowcase works all night long. Hair extensions are now a popular way to add length and volume and just make you feel more beautiful. But, they are prone to tangling at night as a result of friction between the head and the pillow. Also, hair that grows naturally from the scalp is coated with oil or sebum. This oil makes your hair shine and it also helps protect the hair from tangling. It’s important to use a leave in conditioner on your hair before bedtime. The DreamSkin pillowcase will keep the moisture locked in the hair, as well as keep your expensive skin creams on your face and not on your pillowcase. It’s an excellent solution for black hair care in place of the typical bonnets and du rags that tend to slip off at night.

The fashion and beauty world seem to go in cycles and ultimately return to their comfortable roots. Trends that were once popular years ago will eventually make resurgence. 60’s trademarks such as geometric printed miniskirts, kitten heels and Twiggy false eyelashes to name a few.

Back then the only men’s moisturizer was a saddle smelling shaving cream. The new Barbasol is now the Men’s DreamSkin Rejuvenating Pillowcase. And if you love the zany Beehive hairdo, go for it, but make sure you relax and rest your pretty head on today’s most advanced technology in anti aging skin and hair care. It’s definitely Not your mother’s satin or silk pillowcase. Google          

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